Website Policy Generator

Website policy generators come in many shapes, sizes and price points these days but many of them don’t do one key thing that could leave you vulnerable.

Set auto updating policies in under 30 minutes

Running a website means that you also need to operate within the laws where your website is visible but doing that reliably with constantly updating privacy laws is a challenge when your policy is static – it’s only generated once.

I, along with over 3000 other website owners, use auto-updating Termageddon policies to cover my website always keeping it compliant with data privacy laws.

Protecting your website is as easy as filling in a short questionnaire then setting up your policy pages on your website.


One Low Annual Price

Static policies are a thing of the past. Protect your website now with auto-updating policies for a small annual charge and 30 minutes of your time.

Your Policies At A Glance

Each licenced website is able to generate the following policies but what policy should you use?  Here is a quick overview.

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy details what information you collect from users, what you do with it and who you share it with. Several laws in the EU, USA and Canada require that you let users know what you do with all this information. Heavy fines are in place for website owners that fail to have a proper privacy policy in place.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions, unlike a privacy policy , is not legally required for your website but having one in place is still recommended. Users that visit or use your website or services are bound by the conditions you set. Protect your intellectual property, prevent abuse and limit your liability for faults in the service


Limit your liabilities for inaccuracies in your content or third-party websites you link to.  At first appearance, a disclaimer and your terms and conditions appear to be much alike. Terms and conditions should set out rules that your website visitors need to follow to use the site or service. They may also include some disclaimer content but a disclaimer protects your rights as the content owner should someone challenge you in a court.

Common Questions?

The legality of websites is a complicated topic that a lot of website owners avoid. With ever intricate privacy laws being introduced can you afford not to have an auto-updating policy in place?

Do I really need these policies for my site?

Failure to comply with GDPR by not having a robust privacy policy in place can mean a fine of up to €20M (£18M) or 4% of your annual global turnover, whichever is greater. The question you should really be asking yourself is, “Can I afford not to have these pages?”

Why is there an annual charge?
The fluid nature and continued focus on user privacy and surrounding laws make this a very dynamic area.  Changes are frequent and the annual payment allows Termageddon to offer continually updating policies that keep you protected.
I don't plan on keeping any records?
Just because you may have no plan doesn’t mean that your website won’t collect data, even if you are only using basic analytics software, your users need to be notified that they are subject to Google Analytics terms. Can you be 100% sure that nothing in your website is collecting PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and thus opening you up to a potential lawsuit?
It all seems a bit technical?
Don’t worry, I am happy to take you through the questionnaire. It shouldn’t take much longer than around 30 minutes but 30 minutes that could save you thousands in payouts. If I am building your website I will automatically place the policies and associated links where they should be.

Protect your new website in under 30 minutes!

Benefit from special discounted setup and renewal pricing when I build your website plus I will lay out the pages correctly so you are protected from the moment your website is live.