Expert WordPress Hosting

Your hosting provider is an important choice to make sure that your website runs as fast as possible and is secure. I have teamed up with the guys at Flywheel who offer expert WordPress hosting specifically set up for the design environment I use.

WordPress + Divi Dedicated Hosting

I build websites using the WordPress content management system (CMS). Its the most popular CMS because it is free and highly flexible.

Divi is your theme and a visual page builder making it easy for you to do small edits to your site. Divi and WordPress have certain parameters that your servers must meet in order to work well and Flywheel’s servers are maintained specifically with these needs in mind. 

WordPress Hosting Done Right

Flywheel’s servers used containerised technology and Google Cloud Platform to meet spikes in demand and everything in between keeping your sites fast and reliable.


Free SSL Certificate

Why pay extra when you don’t need to?


A free SSL certificate is issued for every site making your site more secure. It also won’t be flagged with a warning to visitors as potentially unsafe. In these privacy-aware times why go with a hosting provider that charges extra for something that really should come as standard.

Worldwide CDN

Speed up your page loads for your visitors


Speed up page load times for your visitors by making sure the content is stored close to them on multiple POP (Points Of Presence). This free service is powered by Fastly, an industry leader in CDN delivery used by some of the biggest companies in the world including Pinterest and Twitter. Leverage their resources for your site for no extra cost.

Nightly Backups

Because its always good to have a backup!


Don’t let some errant coding break your website. Any developer will tell you to get in the habit of backing up your website frequently but backup plugins can be notoriously slow and unfriendly with other plugins. Flywheel backs up your site automatically every 24 hours to a separate server. Restoring happiness (or a working site) is as easy as 1-click away!

Managed Hosting

Every server is optimised for just one CMS


Many hosting providers try a one size fits all approach to their servers when the reality can be very different. Flywheel’s servers are optimised just for WordPress making them faster and more secure than a generic setup with another provider.

Free Malware Cleanup

You won’t find any extra charges here!


A decent host should provide real value but you only generally find out that value when something goes wrong.  Unlike many other hosting providers (and I have used a few), Flywheel’s Happiness Engineers guarantee to get your site back up and running fast should it get hacked. Plus they will let you know how it’s going, all for free.


A proprietary caching engine specifically for WordPress sites


Working alongside Fastly’s CDN network, Flycache serves up your pages to your visitors from a server that is geographically closest to them, decreasing load times and improving performance. Flycache also includes full-page caching not just site assets vastly improving your ‘time to first byte’, a Google ranking factor that could see your site higher up in search results pages (SERPs).

Hosting Questions

Hosting is something that usually happens in the background but choosing the right hosting provider for you is crucial to having a website that works well. Here are some common hosting related questions.

How much is hosting?

You can pay for hosting monthly or annually. Currently, Flywheel only charge in USD but I take care of the exchange rate for you and always bill in pounds sterling. The cost for monthly billing is £15.  Pay annually and get a discount. Current annual pricing is £120. There is a minimum 12-month term for new sign-ups and renewals on monthly or annual plans.

Can I move an existing site?

Absolutely you can! I can migrate an existing site for you for free.

Do I need to do anything to set up CDN or caching?

No, in setting up your plan I will make sure that CDN and caching are both set up.

What support is there?

There isn’t much that I can’t do for you so I should be your first point of contact for any issues. For anything more technical, Flywheel’s team of experts are available 24-7/365 on live chat or the phone. 

What about website security?

As well as giving a Simple SSL certificate for free to every site, Flywheel ensures the integrity of your website with background processes that block attacks before they even affect you using things like intelligent IP blocking and limiting login attempts.

How easy is it to make changes to my site?

Divi is a visual page builder as well as your theme. Along with Divi I load a couple of premium plugins for free that make more advanced edits easy.  We will cover the basics of making small changes to your website as part of the coaching program.

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