Website Services

My time saving website services add functionality to your base website package whilst freeing up your time for an affordable cost.

Website Maintenance

A well-maintained website is a healthy website. Keeping your website up to date ensures that it is secure as well as being more environmentally friendly using less code to execute page requests. For a small monthly or annual fee, I will make sure everything is running like clockwork in the background so your time can be spent working on building up your business.

Client Portal

Streamline your client’s experience while automating processes such as onboarding that free up your time. A client portal is ideal for any number of businesses.  Manage billing, invoicing, project management, email marketing, secure file sharing and so much more from one intuitive dashboard. You control exactly what your clients and staff are allowed to see so you are always in complete control.

Protect Your Website

Any website should be compliant with the privacy laws in the countries in which it is visible. If you plan to sell your services or products online you should also state your terms and conditions of sale although this is not a legal requirement.  I can set up these pages on your website to keep your website compliant with several laws. For a small annual fee these policies will also be automatically updated as and when laws change.

Time Saving Website Services

Free up more of your time to concentrate on building your business with these budget-friendly services

Common Questions

Some common questions regarding my design services

Are There Any Restrictions?

The client portal has a limit of 2 staff members and 100GB storage.  The cost for website policies includes one domain for 12 months with a recurring rate for further years of automatic updates.

Can I Only Purchase These Services As Part Of A Website Design Package?

Absolutely not! These services are sold on their own merits and can be purchased singularly or in bulk whether you have a website design package with me or not.

Do I really need a privacy policy?

Privacy policies and terms and conditions limit your liability should someone sue you so, yes, they may not be the most interesting of topics but they should absolutely be something you care about. 

How Long Do These Services Take?

Setting up a client portal can take a little time but once the content is in and the automations are set you can sit back while the system does the rest for you. You can amend any invoice or proposal quickly. Update other content once for it to automatically appear across all client’s dashboards.

Setting up your policies takes roughly 30 minutes but once they are set up they update automatically.  You can amend the information at any time. If you would prefer to set the policies up yourself that is not a problem and I will waive the one-time setup cost.

Launch Your New Website

With 12 months hosting included on all packages, getting your own website design is a lot more affordable than you may realise.