Design Services

Affordable website design services that compliment my website design packages, saving you time and get you online faster.

Logo Design

If you are yet to design your logo my trusted partners offer great value logo design. You will have a choice of 3 logos and a further 2 revisions of your chosen logo to get it looking exactly as you like. You will own the copyright and all associated files for the logo once the service is complete.


Turn boring lists of facts and figures into stunning infographics designed to stop your visitors scrolling and start engaging,. Your infographic can also show up on image searches further increasing the exposure of your website on search engine results pages (SERPS).

E-Book Creation

A website isn’t always the perfect medium for consuming content. E-books are perfect for fostering brand loyalty and engaging with potential clients.  They do however take a lot of time to create. Let me lay out your content into an engaging e-book to increase your brand awareness.

Great Value Design Services

Complimentary design services that save you time and get you online faster.

Common Questions

Some common questions regarding my design services

Are There Any Restrictions?

No. My design services are delivered as white labelled products with only your branding. You are free to use the assets however you wish without restrictions.

Can I Only Purchase These Services As Part Of A Website Design Package?

Absolutely not! These services are sold on their own merits and can be purchased singularly or in bulk whether you have a website design package with me or not.

Where Do I Find The Files Once Completed?

All files are held securely for you to download in your client portal.  Just click the green button at the top of each page or the link at the bottom to log in.

How Long Do These Services Take?

Every project is different, but as a general rule, Logos can be designed in as little as 3-5 days depending on the revisions you require. Infographics are dependent on how complete the data is you want laid out but usually between 7-14 days.  E-book creation will take the longest because of the work involved. Expect to receive your e-book in around 2-3 weeks for more complex designs.

How Do I Send My Content?

You can upload files securely in your client portal but if you wish so use email that is also fine, just remember emailing content to me isn’t as secure as uploading it to your client portal. If you have a Google Service such as Docs you can share the content with me as an editor so I can access it and download it.

Is There A Refund Policy On Your Design Services?

Designing for your brand is a collaborative experience.  You will be involved in every step and we won’t progress further until you are happy.  You can track the progress of your service in your client portal.

As the work has already been carried out and approved by you as we go along I cannot offer refunds once the project is complete and delivered to you. 

Launch Your New Website

With 12 months hosting included on all packages, getting your own website design is a lot more affordable than you may realise.