E-Commerce Website Design Package

Sell physical or digital products or services with your own e-commerce store using my affordable e-commerce website design package. A website and integrated store in one outstanding value package.

A full featured online store and website for amazing value

Whether you’re starting your own business or selling your unique services to a wider audience an online store allows you to be open and contactable to potential leads whenever it suits them.

Never lose a sale or a lead because your customers choose to shop at 10pm.  Your online store is always open. Showcase your services using your website but let customers contact you if they need more information.


What’s Included In The E-Commerce Website Design Package

Find out what exactly it is you’re paying for and what you get. Remember the package plans are designed to be flexible so if you need a page that isn’t listed it won’t be a problem

Optional Services

Save time and protect your intellectual property with these optional services.

Client Portal

Automate every aspect of your client’s journey.  Manage invoicing and billing, subscriptions, payments, on-boarding, project management and more from one intuitive secure dashboard. Integrates with popular programs like Quickbooks and Zapier and links seamlessly with your website and branding.

Legal Policies

In exchange for 30 minutes of your time and a small annual charge you can keep your website and intellectual property protected with a suite of auto-updating policies. Set a privacy policy and terms and conditions as well as a disclaimer and end-user licence agreement if you plan on selling services or software through your website.

Common E-Commerce Store Questions

Setting up your store isn’t as difficult as you may think.  WooCommerce is amazingly flexible right from the start. Here are some common questions you may have already thought of.

How do I add new products to the store?

The beauty of WooCommerce and Divi is the ease with which you can add new products. Full coaching is included to get you up to speed. Depending on what it is you are selling you will be able to add new products in a matter of minutes while the page template I design within Divi ensures a professional look to all your products for your visitors.

Can I manage live Inventory?

Basic inventory management is possible as standard with WooCommerce although for more advanced stock management you can pay for a plugin to enhance this functionality.  If this is something you would like please inform me at the outset and we can discuss the options and costs.

How can I accept payments?

To accept payments I need to link you your store with a payment gateway such as PayPal, or Stripe. Setting up a business account to accept payments is free and I can help you.  Charges vary by provider but instead of paying a set fee, you pay usually a percentage of the value of every sale. Paypal is likely widely accepted by your clients but Stripe is far easier to set up initially and more flexible in the types of payments you can take.

I need a page designed that isn't listed?

That’s absolutely fine! My website design packages are designed to fit around you. We will discuss exactly what you need in our initial interview.

Do I need Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy pages?

If you own a website then you need a privacy policy as a bare minimum.  Fines are steep in some countries that you may be engaging with visitors if your website is found not to have an adequate privacy policy in place.

If you aim to sell digital products or services a EULA will help limit your liabilities while ensuring you still retain ownership of the software or service.  This helps to protect both yourself and your customers.

Find out more about how GDPR affects you and how I can help here

How long does all this take to setup?

Every website is unique but I aim to have most websites up and running in around 4 to 6 weeks.  The timescale can vary and you will be able to see the progress in your own client portal. Once we have the initial interview I will be in a better position to advise you how long it is going to take to set up your website. Your website design proposal will have an indicative date that the website could be live but this is dependent on several factors that may slow the process down a little.

Launch your e-commerce store today!

By 2023 it is expected that almost a quarter of retail sales will come from e-commerce solutions. How much business are you losing out on by not being online?