Business Website Design Package

My affordable Business Website Design Package puts your brand front and centre with a minimum of 4 website pages. All the essentials that people look for in a business will have a place in the design; contact forms, opening hours, location, testimonials from previous clients and more in one fantastic value package,

A fully branded website detailing your company and services

Sometimes people want to know a little more about you before they make a purchase. What ever it is you are selling let people discover more about you and your company/brand. Showcase previous work, include a contact form for prospects to ask questions.

Your website is available 24/7 so you are always within reach of the next client even if they choose to look when most people are asleep.


What’s Included In The Business Design Package

Find out what exactly it is you’re paying for and what you get. Remember the package plans are designed to be flexible so if you need a page that isn’t listed it won’t be a problem

Optional Services

Save time and protect your intellectual property with these optional services.

Client Portal

Automate every aspect of your client’s journey.  Manage invoicing and billing, subscriptions, payments, on-boarding, project management and more from one intuitive secure dashboard. Integrates with popular programs like Quickbooks and Zapier and links seamlessly with your website and branding.

Legal Policies

In exchange for 30 minutes of your time and a small annual charge you can keep your website and intellectual property protected with a suite of auto-updating policies. Set a privacy policy and terms and conditions as well as a disclaimer and end-user licence agreement if you plan on selling services or software through your website.

Common Business Website Questions

If this is your first foray into owning a website I am sure you have plenty of questions. Here are some common ones related to setting up your business website.

Where do we even begin?

A lot of work goes into building your website but I break down the steps, focussing on one at a time until we are ready to launch.  You have access to your own portal throughout the build so you can keep track of how the design is coming as well as uploading content that I may need securely.

How long does all this take to setup?

The answer to this is dependent on several factors. On average, most small business websites I design take between 4 and 6 weeks from start to finish as long as the content I need is available. I have a workflow that ensures we always have the information we need when we need it.

How do I go about sorting an official email address?

All in good time! There is an economical way for you to have your own branded email that we will go through.

Can I accept payments?

Accepting payments for goods or services is usually entering the realm of an e-commerce store but in certain circumstances, I can set a form to accept payments for services.  There is a small charge to upgrade the standard form so it will accept payments but we will discuss that if it is something you would like to pursue.

I need a page designed that isn't listed?

That’s absolutely fine! The website design packages are designed to be flexible so if you want something that isn’t listed it’s never normally a problem. We will discuss your exact requirements at out initial fact finding interview.

Do I need Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy pages?

If you own a website then you need a privacy policy as a bare minimum.  Fines are steep in some countries that your website may be visible if it is found not to have a privacy policy.

If you aim to sell physical or digital products or services then and EULA will set out the terms of which your clients can use the service.  This helps to protect both yourself and your customers. The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) state that your privacy policy must be visible for customers to see.

A privacy policy and EULA are legally enforceable in courts of law while terms and conditions and disclaimers help to limit your liability.

Find out more about how GDPR affects you and how I can help here

Launch your business website today!

Your next client could only be one click away but without a website you won’t know how much business you are potentially losing.