Basic Website Design Package

My affordable basic website design package is ideal for personal bloggers or small businesses that need an online presence with a one-page website and contact options or a set of templates to make your blog look outstanding.

Get your brand online with a one page website or set up a personal blog

If you’re interested in setting up a blog either as a hobby or with a view to setting up a business in the future my basic website package will let you set up a flexible blog or one page website quickly and affordably. Remember you still get 12 months hosting for free.

Discounts are available if you wish to turn your blog into a business website or an e-commerce store in the future. This package is ideal if you are starting your online journey.  Learn the basics of running a website before scaling it up in the future.


What’s Included In The Basic Design Package

Find out what exactly it is you’re paying for and what you get. Remember the package plans are designed to be flexible so if you need a page that isn’t listed it won’t be a problem

Common Basic Website Questions

If this is your first foray into owning a website I am sure you have plenty of questions. Here are some common ones related to setting up your first website.

How long does all this take to setup?

With less content to include in initial setup, these types of websites are often the quickest to design.  Your website could be ready in as little as a fortnight from our initial meeting but that is dependent on having certain content ready.

Can I have my normal email address as a contact email?

Absolutely you can but it can come across as rather unprofessional if you are looking at making this into a business. Email is something we will discuss at our initial meeting but the ultimate decision is up to you.

Can I accept payments?

Basic websites like personal blogs and one page websites are generally used to collect leads that can be marketed to in the future.  Payment options are not included as standard but if it is something you would like we can discuss this at our first meeting.

Do I need Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy pages?

If you own a website then you need a privacy policy as a bare minimum.  Fines are steep in some countries that your website may be visible if it is found not to have a privacy policy.

Terms & conditions, EULA and disclaimer policies are not legally needed but you may find a basic disclaimer could be beneficial if you link to external websites or place adverts around your website.

Find out more about how GDPR affects you and how I can help here

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